Staffordshire County Senior League

League Statement

The SCSL wish to thank all our Clubs, match officials and spectators for making possible a return to playing football during September. All of our clubs have successfully started their season, which is some achievement given the issues we have faced.

But we still face major challenges and following a review of the games played in September, taking on board feedback from clubs and match officials, the SCSL instructs all our clubs to ensure the following with immediate effect;

Changing Rooms

Where changing rooms are made available then they MUST be used in accordance with the Risk Assessment of the home club and MUST ensure the following;
– that available changing facilities are shared equally between the home and away teams. For example, it is neither fair or reasonable for changing facilities to be made available for the home team only.
– that social distancing guideline within changing rooms are followed at all times
– that changing rooms are not to be used for pre-match, half-time or post-match team meetings/briefings. These must take place on the pitch or other outdoor setting.

Dug Outs and Technical Areas

Dugouts are not to be used and should be taped off. The team manager and physio only should occupy the technical area. Substitutes are to stand behind the barrier (or use seats if provided), ensuring that they maintain social distancing.
As part of their Risk Assessment, some clubs have further restrictions in place for technical areas. These must be adhered too.


Spectators are allowed at SCSL matches and their support is welcome. However, to ensure the safety of participants and spectators, guidelines regarding social distancing must be followed at all times, which includes discreet groups of no more than six people situated around the pitch. Spectators must not be allowed to congregate around changing rooms or technical areas.

We must not allow all the hard work we have done in getting us this far to be undone. Local Authorities are quite rightly monitoring the situation and clubs could be visited their officers at any time. In addition, the SCSL will not hesitate to suspend fixtures of any clubs which do not adhere to their own Risk Assessments or the additional instructions above.

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