Staffordshire County Senior League
Men Unite


Men Unite are a group to support, encourage and help our fellow men. If you have had or are having issues with life, we want you to talk to us. If you have lost someone you love, if you feel alone, if you are depressed or anxious we want to help.

If you’re in debt or feel the world is caving in on you we want to help you. As men, all too often we don’t talk, we don’t want to drop our guard and let people know our struggles and our fears or our secrets. We shut down, we close our emotions, we become selfish and distant. We slip more on the slope that we may only have had one foot on. As a group, we need to stop this cycle and to break the stigma and to make it ok to talk.

It’s ok not to be ok. More importantly, we need to talk to each other and engage with each other. Together we are stronger!

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