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We are constantly working to make football in our county a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Safeguarding in football remains the number one priority for the County FA. The FA has improved safeguarding in youth football but recognise that 16 and 17-year olds participating in open-age football are legally still children and the same safeguarding requirements need to be applied.     

At the start of 2020 The FA contacted all open-age adult football clubs and leagues across the country to support them in fully understanding their safeguarding responsibilities for under-18s, and adults in disability teams.

Every open-age adult club is required to ensure the safeguarding of any under-18s involved with the club. In addition, where there are adult disability teams, they are required to promote safeguarding adults across every aspect of the club and appoint a club welfare officer.

We are asking for your support in making football a safe and enjoyable. To help achieve this we are asking all teams with players aged 16/ 17 to identify these players and provide them with a know your rights leaflet so they know who and how to raise a concern with.

We are also requesting that all managers, coaches and medical staff who have regular contact with players under 18 are named on the teams whole game system and that they complete a DBS check that is recorded against their FAN.

Staffordshire FA will support clubs with obtaining information to complete these tasks and provide guidance around best practice. For further support and information please contact Jan Scott, Staffordshire FA designated safeguarding officer, email: support@staffordshirefa Tele: 01785 279823

Many Thanks

Jan Scott

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Football Services – Members Support Hub

Tel: 01785 279825

Mob: 07969 294023
01785 279837

E-mail: Web:


The Staffordshire County Senior League will ensure that our football is a safe and enjoyable environment for young people under 18 years of age. Contact details of the SCSL Safeguarding Officer are shown below and is available to offer advice, guidance and report any concerns;

Gail Salt
Telephone; 07949 620138

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