Staffordshire County Senior League

Annual Registration Form

Staffordshire County Senior League
League Secretary: Christopher Jackson  

This form is to be completed and submitted prior to the AGM even if you do not have your county affiliation number.

Please note: any form submitted after the 30th June will incur a fine to your club and it will not have its details listed in the league handbook.

Annual Registration Form (ARF)

Annual Registration Form

Club information

Name of club

County affiliation number (2020/21)

Preferred club contact email

Preferred club contact phone number

Club home colours

Club away/colour change colours

Goalkeepers jersey
home colour
away/colour change colour

Year of club formation

County associated to

Club honours

Ground information

Address of ground


Phone number for ground / match day contact number

Does the ground have working Floodlights

is there a match day programme

Club secretary information

club secretary name

club secretary address


Club secretary Preferred contact email

club secretary Preferred phone number

Club chairman information

Chairman name

Chairman address


Chairman Preferred contact email

chairman's preferred phone number

Team manager information

Team manager name

Team manager preferred email

Team manager preferred phone number

Safeguarding officer information

safeguarding officer name

safeguarding officer preferred email

safeguarding officer preferred phone number

club website and social sites

Is there a club website


Is there a club facebook page

Is there a club twitter page

Are there any other social media

Club declarations and agreements

It is the responsibility of the Club Secretary that the following are circulated to all club officials and registered players

Agreement of League Rules, governance and Data Policy

We confirm that having been provided with a copy of the Rules and Regulations, agree on behalf of the Club, to conform to those Rules and Regulations, including the Codes of Conduct, if elected or accepted into membership. To abide by, accept and implement the decisions of the Management Committee of the League subject to the right of appeal in accordance with the League Rules.

In accordance with STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY SENIOR LEAGUE Data Protection, Privacy Notice & Social Media Policies we give authority for the SCSL Management Committee to store and administer the information provided in this form, as required in order to fulfil its operational duties in administering and manage the League’s Competitions.

We agree that the the SCSL Management Committee can publish all the information provided in the form in the League Handbook.


We agree that SCSL can publish the information provided in this form on the Leagues Website.


We authorise that relevant information provided in this form can be shared with other League Officials for Operational Purposes e.g. match officials.


We authorise that Club/Teams activities can be shared via the SCSL Social Media platforms. The SCSL Management Committee confirm that any activities shared on Social Media will conform to our Code of Conduct and Media Policy.